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SATO SMSF Administration® is a leading self managed super funds administrator, in the financial service industry. Our competitive low cost and reliable service sets the standards for other service providers to follow. We are one of the few administrators with an on-line portal and application, enhancing user experience in the establishment and ongoing administration of self funded trustees. Our company is 100% privately owned by its management team. This ensures there is no conflict of interest that may be to the detriment of our loyal clients. Our management team draws their experience from the following disciplines:

Information technology;
Accounting & Finance;
Taxation & Superannuation Law;
Legal profession;
Funds management; &
Real Estate.

It is this wealth of experience that gives us the confidence to service an increasingly well informed national client base, empowered by the advent of the internet that encourages self education and research. The advancement of technology and the reliability of the web place us in a unique position to service clients on a national level. The majority of information and delivery of service level agreement is conducted over the phone and other forms of electronic communication. We are able to attend to clients’ needs regardless of time zone differences or geographic location.

Our mission statement is to deliver high quality, personalized fund establishment, ongoing administration compliance and related services as the need arises. SATO SMSF Administration has a team of dedicated superannuation accountants that can assist with your fund establishment, taxation, annual reporting compliance and where required, assisting clients transitioning to retirement.

Our Team

Superannuation Accountants & Tax Agents

Your super accountant should be someone who has attained the necessary qualification and maintained their continuous professional development (CPD). Our objective is to hire the best accountants in the country to provide every client with peace of mind. All our super accountants must hold either one of the following designation:

The Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia (ICAA);
Certified Practising Accountants Australia (CPA); or
National Institute of Accountants (NIA).

They must have established their own self managed superannuation to ensure they have natural empathy and understanding for our valued national client base. More importantly, you super accountant should be someone who has a keen interest for shares and property investment and understands the tax legislation. Your super accountant should be able to advise you on the best way to structure your shares and property investment to minimize your tax, maximize your return and protect your assets. Furthermore, use the legislation to the best of your advantage, whilst complying with the stringent legislative requirement.

ASIC Approved Auditors

Your registered fund auditor should play a proactive role in ensuring the compliance and health check of one of your largest personal asset – being that of your superannuation. Our ASIC registered fund auditors will communicate with you during the course of the year, as opposed to end of financial year. This ensures that any unintended breaches of the Superannuation Industry Supervision (SIS) Act 1993 are identified, addressed and rectified as soon as possible. This will assist with the compliance of your superannuation fund, and ensure that it maintains its tax concessional status.

SMSF Advisers

Your SMSF Adviser should be someone who has a detailed understanding of the intricacy of self managed superannuation and specializes in various aspects of personal finance including retirement planning, cash flow management, investment planning and tax strategies to maximize each individual client’s unique circumstances. An SMSF Adviser can oversee your long term retirement plans and can advise on broad matters such as superannuation, property investment and tax minimization strategies to ensure that your DIY super fund is performing at the optimum. If you need any assistance in choosing an SMSF adviser, we can use our broad industry network to refer somebody to you.

Solicitors and Conveyancers

An essential part of setting up a self managed super fund is drafting the superannuation trust deed. At SATO SMSF Administration, our superannuation trust deeds are drafted to accommodate maximum flexibility in anticipation of likely future changes in the legislation, as they pertain to the dynamic superannuation industry. This will eliminate unnecessary updates and minimize costs. Furthermore, due to the increasing popularity of self managed super funds buying property, selecting the right conveyance or solicitor to assist you is paramount. Your conveyance or solicitor should be someone who understands the investment property buying process, and whom you trust to look after all your legal requirements and conveyance issues.

Mortgage Brokers and Finance Consultants

Buying an investment property in self managed super funds can be daunting and obtaining the correct finance loans are just as vital as selecting the right investment property to purchase. Your mortgage broker or finance consultant should be a specialist who can advise you on how best to structure your finance loans to help you leverage into multiple properties and who is up to date with the lending criteria of a wide variety of financial institutions. Our company can recommend an experienced and professional finance consultant to assist your requirements. It is our objective to help you become a successful property investor and grow your property portfolio.

While our primary function is that of fund administration and compliance, we have an extensive professional network which can be drawn upon to assist you in achieving your financial goals and retirement. As a client of our organisation, you are free to engage in a select number of our services, or all of our services. If you wish to discuss further your retirement options within your DIY super fund, then consider our services. We look forward to exploring your opportunities and form a long standing working relationship to meet your retirement goals and objectives.



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