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Why do finance with our Home Loans Specialist

SATO SMSF Administration® has assisted thousands of clients to financial freedom and always strive to create wealth and provide the highest level of service. Below are some of the reasons why our home loans specialist should do finance for you:

15 years of experience in the financial Industry, both domestic and international;
Call back guarantee: calls and emails during business hours are returned/answered same day;
SMSF loans specialist – limited recourse borrowing arrangements;
Always keeping you in the loop;
Access to full valuation reports, free of charge;
Investment structure specialist;
Access to Accounting & property investment network, all through the SATO SMSF Administration® Group of companies;
Monthly RBA Interest Rate update;
Monthly newsletter that will focus on current financial topics and great interest rate opportunities we can access for you;
Regular finance reviews;
Full Disclosure and Transparency;
Excellent track record getting your finance approved and settled in a timely manner; &
Always seeking to provide you with the Best Interest Rate deals on the Market.

Services we provide

As your home loans specialist, we will act as your lending experts; making sure you understand the loan repayments, loan features, fees and charges of your home loan. Saving you time and money, we can search hundreds of loan products from a panel of banks and non-banks lenders, comparing fees, charges and loan features to best suit your lifestyle. If require, we can also help you with your car finance, business finance or insurance needs.

Our panel lenders

We source finance from a panel of financiers, but the lenders named below are the six lenders of which we conduct the most business with:

Bank of Melbourne;
NAB Broker;
Commonwealth Bank;
Macquarie Bank; &

We will need information from you

Under the NCCP Act, we are obliged to ensure that any loan or principal increase to a loan we help you to obtain, or any lease we help you to enter, is suitable to your current circumstances and financial objectives.  To decide this, we may need to ask you some questions in order to assess whether the loan or lease is suitable.  The law requires us to:

make reasonable enquiries about your requirements and objectives;
make reasonable enquiries about your financial situation;
Take reasonable steps to verify that financial situation;
Credit will be unsuitable if at the time of the assessment, it is likely that;
you could not pay or could only pay with substantial hardship; &
The credit will not meet your requirements and objectives.

For example, if you can only repay by selling your principal place of residence, it is presumed that the loan will cause substantial hardship unless the contrary is proved.  For this reason we must ask you to provide a significant amount of information.  It is therefore very important that the information you provide us is accurate.

We must provide you with a copy of our preliminary credit assessment of your application if you ask within seven years of when we assist you.  We are only required to give you a copy of the credit assessment if we give you credit assistance.

If we arrange home loans for you to purchase or refinance real estate, remember you must make your own enquiries about the value of the real estate and its potential for future growth.  Although we may obtain a valuation, that is for our own use and you should not rely on it.

Fees, Commissions & Charges

Fees payable by you

We do not charge you for the credit services because we receive commission from the financier or our mortgage aggregator.  However, you may need to pay the financier’s application fee, valuation fees, and other fees.

Commissions received by us

We may receive commissions from the lenders and usually those commissions consist of two parts: the Upfront Commission, which is payable after settlement and the Trail Commission, which is a monthly payment for as long as the loan is with this lender.


In the event that after having us prepare and lodge all documentation with the lending institution and signing with us, you arrange finance independently of SATO SMSF Administration Home Loans, the commission payable to SATO SMSF Administration by the Financial Institution will be due and payable by you. Only if SATO SMSF Administration Home Loans is unable to assist in obtaining finance, you will not be liable for the commission payable.

Our internal dispute resolution scheme

We believe that it is essential for our customers to be able to identify and deal with a home loans specialist who has the ability, authority and proper training to hear and respond appropriately to any complaints or disputes.  We are committed to the effective handling of complaints and timely resolution of disputes. In case you are dissatisfied, please contact our Quality Control department.

Receiving complaints and the complaint process

If you have a complaint or a dispute, you have the option of either contacting us or lodging the complaint directly with our External Dispute Resolutions Scheme indicated below.

You should explain the details of your complaint as clearly as you can.  You may do this verbally or in writing.

When we receive a complaint, we will attempt to resolve it promptly.  We hope that in this way we will stop any unnecessary and inappropriate escalation of minor complaints.

We will observe the following principles in handling your complaint:

  • There is no requirement for face-to-face contact between you and us, although it may be useful for us to come to a satisfactory resolution;
  • We expect that both parties will make a genuine attempt to resolve a complaint promptly;
  • We expect that both parties will provide all essential and relevant information, documents, written statements and any other materials that may properly and reasonably be believed to assist in resolving the complaint;
  • We expect that both parties will comply with all reasonable requests from the other party to provide information within a reasonable time frame.

Timeframes for response

If your request cannot be resolved immediately, we will respond to your request within two (2) business days of receipt of the complaint. We will keep you informed of the progress of the investigation.

Our external dispute resolution scheme

If we do not reach agreement on your complaint, you may refer the complaint to an ASIC Approved External Dispute Resolution (EDR) Scheme.  Our external dispute resolution provider is COSL (Credit Ombudsman Services Limited).

Free call: 1800 138 422Website:www.cosl.com.au
Phone:(02) 9273 8400 Mail: Case Management Team
Fax:(02) 9273 8440 C-/Credit Ombudsman Service
Email:info@cosl.com.au PO Box A252
 Sydney South NSW 1235

External dispute resolution is a free service established to provide you with an independent mechanism to resolve specific complaints.

Privacy Statement

In handling your personal information, SATO SMSF Administration® Home Loans is committed to complying with the Privacy Act 1988 and the National Privacy Principles.

How and why we collect your personal information

We collect personal information from you when you apply for or use our products and services.  In particular, we collect it so we can:

  • Provide you with the products and services you require, which may include financial and insurance products and services; &
  • Provide you with information about products and services available to you from SATO SMSF Administration Home Loans and associated businesses.

Providing Your Personal Information to Other Organisations

In providing products and services to you it may be necessary for us to provide your personal information to other organisations with which we conduct business. This includes Vow Financial Pty Ltd (ACN 138 789 161) which is our mortgage aggregator.

Other such organisations include related entities, SATO SMSF Administration related companies, mortgage managers, lenders, solicitors and legal advisers, accountants and auditors, printers and mailing services, insurers, collection agents, conveyancers and government agencies which regulate our products and services.

Your personal information is only provided to those entities to the extent necessary to enable us to provide our products and services to you.

Consent to receive marketing Information

If you consent to us doing so, we may provide you with information from time to time about new products and services available to you from SATO SMSF Administration Home Loans, or other businesses with which we have a relationship. Your consent to our providing this information to you will be implied unless you notify us that you do not wish to receive this information.

Consent to receive documents electronically

If you consent to us providing you with documents by electronic communication, you confirm that:

  • paper documents may no longer be given; and
  • electronic communications must be regularly checked for documents; and
  • Consent to the giving of documents by electronic communication may be withdrawn at any time.

If you’re personal information is not provided

In order to provide products and services to you and to assist you in applying for home loans and related products and securities, we require information about you. If you do not provide us with all of the information we request we may be unable to supply to you the product or service that you require.

Your rights

The Privacy Act gives you rights to access the personal information we hold about you, and you can ask us to correct the information if it is inaccurate.  You can gain access to the information we hold about you by contacting our Quality Control Department.


Our intention is to get all our clients to the position of having a secured financial future and we do everything in our power to achieve that goal. There are however a number of factors which are out of our control and are determined by third part organisation.

In the first instance we deal with a number of Banks. We are proud to offer our clients a selection of not only the major banks, but also a choice of other smaller banks where lending criteria is often more favourable and the restrictions not as stringent. We have no say whatsoever in the decision the Banks make in terms of the amount the Bank is willing to lend to each individual client. This of course depends on the clients’ personal situation, banking history and current financial situation. In the event that a Bank declines an application for a Loan for one of our clients, we will always recommend alternative options where we believe the chances of success are greater – but again we have no say in the decision made by the recommended Banks.

Valuers are appointed by the Banks to value both clients’ own properties as well as investment properties which have been purchased and are being financed. We can endeavour to ensure that there are no valuation issues by getting a valuation done prior to submitting the loan application. This gives both ourselves and our clients an indication of what the valuation is likely to be and whether there is going to be an issue or not. Because these valuations are carried out by an independent panel of valuers appointed by the Banks there is no way of knowing exactly what the individual valuer is going to decide on what the property is worth. These valuations are very subjective and can vary from Valuation Company to the next. Where we believe a valuation is grossly inaccurate we can attempt to contest the valuation and mitigate a re-valuation by providing the Banks with relevant evidence so as to have an outcome that both we and each of our clients are happy with.

Due to our lack of control and influence with the situations mentioned above, we can never guarantee any particular outcome in terms of a loan or valuation of a property.

We go to great lengths to ensure a  smooth process for our clients  and  at all times will go the extra mile to achieve the outcome  that is in the clients’ best interests – should we encounter issues as mentioned above ; rest assured  we will leave no stone unturned ,work with you, and for you, to obtain the best outcome.



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