Point of Difference

SATO SMSF Administration® executive team has amassed over 35 years of combined experience in the fields of superannuation, compliance, finance, information technology and legal. Over the years, hundreds of trustees across the eastern sea board (and Australia!) have chosen our company for the establishment and ongoing administration of their funds. Our solicitors have been instructed to draft the superannuation deed to accommodate maximum flexibility in anticipation of future legislative changes. This reduces the likelihood of unnecessary, costly updates – a practice adopted by some firms called “Churning”, which requires trustees to constantly update their superannuation deeds for even the most minor legislative changes. Our primary focus is on the timely lodgment of your fund tax return and annual compliance and administration. Our clients are:

Free to choose their bank accounts;
Free to choose their stockbrokers;
Free to choose their investments;
Free to choose their investment platforms such as wrap accounts; &
Free to choose their insurance policy providers.

Our point of difference includes:

Fully functional e-commerce website;
Responsive website that can be read on laptops, tablets, and mobile devices;
256 bit encryptions – all communications between our organization and clients can only be read by the intended recipients;
Transparent fees – our professional fees are based on the number of investments held during the financial year, and not on hourly rates which is subjective;
Total independence from major banking institutions;
Total independence from online stockbrokers;
Total independence from full serviced stockbrokers;
Total independence from insurance groups; &
Total independence from major financial planning groups.

Our revenues are generated from:

  • Professional fees based on the provision of fund tax return lodgment and annual compliance services; &
  • Commission from banking institution where we are engaged for mortgage broking solutions. We work with a panel of over 50 different lending institutions and will have them competing for your business to ensure the best rates are achieved at the most desirable terms. Our mortgage broking solution will not cost you anything out of your pockets, we are paid commissions from the banks.

Why Choose SATO SMSF Administration

SATO SMSF Administration® are specialist self managed super funds administrators in the field of training and consultancy practice providing practical solutions to our clients – including mum and dad trustees, financial services’ providers, government agencies and the public community. The executive team and staff members at our organization have passion for superannuation solutions and innovation. We are generous in passing on cutting-edge technology solutions to clients in order to implement best practice solutions and ensuring efficiency.

Our executive team has amassed an incredible 35 plus years of experience. We have a wealth of knowledge to share in the superannuation, finance, legal and wealth creation industry. There is not much we have not seen or experienced ourselves. We all establish and run our own self managed superannuation funds, we are share investors and also property investors ourselves. We speak your language.

Our loyal staff members and executive team have gained extensive taxation, financial audit, compliance and consulting experience. They have been in leadership roles from the beginning, through which they have developed outstanding communication and client relationship building skills having been contributors to business development and marketing strategies. Working closely with industry leaders, mum and dad trustees, suburban accountants and financial advisers, our company is superannuation solutions focused who are knowledgeable and passionate about introducing strategies to clients where appropriate. We are actively training trustees and financial service professionals on superannuation legislative and technical updates.



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