Solutions for Stockbrokers

24/7 services available for stockbrokers with state of the art unit pricing

The particular services provided to clients of stockbrokers include:

  • Step by step guide to fund establishment;
  • Best practice procedures to maintaining a self-managed super fund;
  • Establish and maintain DIY super fund records;
  • Preparation of the financial accounts;
  • Prepare annual financial compliance returns;
  • Prepare and lodge annual fund tax return;
  • Complete member statements;
  • Calculate tax payable/refundable (including PAYG instalments);
  • Advise on taxation matters as they pertain to the fund;
  • Advise on superannuation compliance requirements;
  • Monitor benefits entering and leaving the self-managed super fund;
  • Accurately record all financial transactions;
  • Advise on preservation requirements;
  • Calculate and withhold lump sum tax from eligible termination payments; &
  • Calculate and remit PAYG withholding for pension payments to ATO.

Stockbroking firms provide a robust platform for end of day reporting for all listed products on the ASX – such as public company shares, debt securities and exchange traded funds. However, certain functions such as financial and compliance audits need to be fulfilled by legally qualified staff, skilled as accounting and tax practitioners that are members of the following professional bodies:

  • Australian Society of Certified Practising Accountants (CPA);
  • Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAA); &
  • National Institute of Accountants (NIA);

Different levels of administration support available

Where stockbrokers refer clients to SATO SMSF Administration®, the trustees will need to decide which level of service agreement to enter into and the scope of the reporting requirement. SATO SMSF Administration offers three levels of reporting and support:

  • Annual end of year platform;
  • Daily reporting platform; &
  • Premium reporting platform.

Our reporting platforms are tailored made to each client’s specific needs ranging from minimal support to those who are time poor and require the administration compliance package. Clients are free to choose one particular level of service agreement and switch to another, should the fund structure change over time. Please give our office a call for a confidential discussion about our referral arrangement.



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