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Seamless Transition To New SMSF Administration Provider

Are you getting the service and attention required to successfully administer your own retirement savings? Are you meeting your lodgement deadline?

SATO SMSF Administration® makes transferring your annual compliance and administration duties from your existing service provider, a seamless transition. If the decision has been made to transfer to our organization, all that is required from the trustees is to complete the application form, and follow the instruction provided. At the end of the financial year our executive team will determine the number of investments held by your fund, and invoice you the difference. Click here to read about our professional fees guidelines.

For an estimate of the professional fees, click here for our online fees calculator.

Where SATO SMSF Administration® is appointed for the annual compliance and reporting requirements, trustees will enjoy the following benefits:

Freedom to retain their existing bank account;
Freedom to retain their existing stockbroker;
Freedom to retain their existing investment property mortgage arrangement (if applicable);
Ongoing support and advice on how to fine tune their funds for optimal benefits while reducing their costs;
Service address with the ATO is with trustees so full control is maintained by trustees at all time; &
Transparency and disclosure of administration fees.
Commence Application

As part of the professional code of conduct and ethics in our industry, SATO SMSF Administration® may require consent to contact your previous fund administrator for the following documentations:

  • Detailed schedule of assets; &
  • Ledger accounts for each investments.

Professional accounting firms and practices will often have backed up all the necessary electronic files on their server. Our application and state of the art platform will take up the fund with minimal disruption.

To ensure full compliance with the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 and Superannuation Industry Supervision Act 1993, our company will require from trustees the following electronic documentation:

A signed superannuation trust deed;
Any subsequent amendments to the trust deed;
Most recent audited financial statements;
Most recent audited tax and regulatory returns;
Most recent audited Members statement; &
Most recent Audit report **

These documentations can be forwarded to our office in electronic formats or sent as hard copy paper versions. As part of the transfer, our organisation will review your existing trust deed to ensure full compliance with the Superannuation Industry Supervision Act 1993 and the Australian Taxation Assessment Act 1997. This is essential to determine the member’s entitlement has been calculated correctly in anticipation of the fund eventually transitioning into retirement phase. This review is conducted free of charge and is part of the service we provide to every clients, to achieve peace of mind.

** Our office will assess the extent of compliance of your fund. Where self managed super funds have a history of serious breaches of the SIS Act from previous years – that remain unrectified, our executive team reserves the right to refuse acceptance of the appointment. Any professionals fees received will be refunded in full.

Commence Application

Application Form

Alternatively, clients can download the application form and apply for a transfer offline:

Request to Transfer Fund Administration Provider (Word Document)

Request to Transfer Fund Administration Provider (PDF)


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